Snow Plows

At Auto Stylers & RV we sell and install two of the finest snowplows within the industry. You can’t go wrong with Western Snowplow and Meyer Products. After finding the plow that fits your needs, our experienced technicians will install it for you, usually within a twenty-four hour period. We also are able to repair most plows and have a wide variety of parts in stock. What we don’t have, we can get for you.

Auto Stylers Guide to Buying a Snow Plow

The best advice we can give a potential customer or anyone interested in buying a snow plow to think about the following questions before you are actually ready to make a purchase. Auto Stylers can help guide you through our options and help you pick the plow that is best for you!

  • Is it a quality snow plow? – Buying a snow plow is a medium-sized investment and quality should not be overlooked. The old saying goes “you get what you pay for” and if you want to have your plow for the long haul, you should invest in a quality plow. Auto Stylers is a Meyer and Western plow dealer and they are two of the best in the business.
  • What are you going to plow? – Understanding what you are planning to plow goes a long way in picking out the right plow for the job. If you are only planning to plow your own driveway or maybe help out neighbors, the right plow for you will be different from the plow a contractor uses for snow removal in big parking lots.
  • What kind of vehicle will you be using? – Are you going to use a truck? If so what kind and how big? Perhaps you have a UTV that you plan to use to plow, there are certain plows that work best for those as well.
  • V-Plow or Straight Plow? – Generally straight blade plows will be the less expensive choice, however, there are some benefits of a V-Plow that need you need to be aware of. V-Plows can angle and direct snow, scoop snow, better handle plowing through frozen snow/ice, and minimize wear and tear on the vehicle that they are attached too, compared to the straight blade plows.

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