Remote Starts & Electronics

We can now start a vehicle with a touch of a button or have our children watch their favorite DVD movie in the backseat of our vehicle. These products are in stock and can be installed by our experienced technician.

Benefits of having a remote starter installed in your vehicle:

  • Comfort and Convenience – Imagine it being -10 degrees in the winter time, it’s time to leave work and the cold walk to your vehicle doesn’t get any better once you enter your car or truck. Having a remote start allows your car to “warm up” and allow the heater to kick in and get your vehicle to a comfortable temperature. The same goes for days during the hot summer, where you can get your car or truck to a cool temperature before you get in your vehicle.
  • Safety – If your vehicle is icy or has accumulated multiple inches of snow/ice, it is easier to scrape or defrost windows and clear mirrors and headlights.
  • Oil Function – Some experts claim that by starting your vehicle’s engine to warm up, it heats up the oil, in which then it provides better lubrication when the engine is at work.
  • Resale Value – When it’s time to sell your vehicle, having a remote start, may be the difference between someone buying your car or truck. If you have lived in Michigan for more than a year, you know how crazy the weather can get!

Prestige, Excalibur, or Directed Electronics Remote Starts

  • Includes 2 transmitters that can start your vehicle more than 1000 feet away
  • Includes the keyless entry feature
  • Lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle, includes parts and labor up to one year (small fee thereafter)

prestige_remote_start                          Excalibur

Marksmen Remote Starts

  • Remote capabilities of up to one mile
  • Includes keyless entry
  • Lifetime warranty for as long as you own the vehicle
  • Alarm/Remote Start/Keyless Entry Combo – Available as one package with the same great warranty


Audiovox DVD Player

  • Comes with two headphones and the capability of listening to the DVD through your radio
  • Includes a 3 year warranty on unit

audovox dvd

***We install rear view mirrors that have GPS, back up sensors, and blue tooth capabilities***